Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chi-Chi the Chinchilla and the Three Worlds

A quick marketing announcement, not usually the kind of thing I would post here, but I've been asked about this over the last year from several colleagues.
Katia Gaidouk, the author of "The Adventures of Chi Chi the Chinchilla", has started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the 2nd book in her series. Book 2 is entitled: "The Adventures of Chi Chi the Chinchilla and the Three Worlds".

We have been in touch to produce a new, short video based on this book. Having read the draft last year, I'm excited about all the new characters and the potential of a lot of challenging animation from her new story. You can read more about the kickstarter campaign and even contemplate a donation (much of her proceeds go to the non-profit "Child Fund") here: Chi Chi on Kickstarter

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