Monday, November 17, 2014

New Maxscript: Disable Edged Faces on Selected

I've written a new maxscript to disable the default viewport feature which shows Edged Faces on any selected object. As far as I know, this feature was NOT enabled in previous versions of Max but suddenly seems enabled by default in 2015. Maybe I've done something without realizing it, but I don't like this feature enabled for each viewport by default. I love Edged Face mode, but I want control over when I use it.
I've written a new Maxscript to "Disable" this feature on a Max "Start", "Reset", or File "Open" command. You can still enable this feature during your work session on a viewport by viewport basis (as it is implemented) even if you run this script.
Go to http:\\  for the download

Forest Pack "Hidden" Render Nodes

Rendering With Forest Pack???
Have you noticed that sometimes itoo's Forest Pack wants to create some "nodes" just before rendering? Not sure what causes this, but I've seen it now in a Max 2015 scene with a large Forest using Mental Ray Proxies. Max throws a warning upon rendering if the current ACTIVE LAYER is hidden. Make sure your current active layer is NOT HIDDEN and can be written to for these temporary Forest Pack nodes before submitting for render. These Forest Pack nodes are deleted as soon as the render is finished, however, they can create an extra layer too that is suddenly empty when the render is finished. Not sure what specific scene/forest pack/max settings are creating this odd occurrence or if this is something endemic to Forest Pack now. Anyway, it seems like a strange thing I came across and wanted to pass on. Happy Rendering!