Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Force Local Render in 3ds Max 2016 from Older File Set to Network Render

The new Render Settings Dialog in Max 2016 places the core render engine settings at the top of the floater window. A nice change, but the new, large "Render" button no longer has a small drop down arrow with it where you choose to network render or local "Production" render.

This is OK unless you have opened a 3ds max scene file from several versions earlier where the default "Network Render" option had been chosen. Apparently this setting was embedded in the scene when you saved it (obviously as a Render Dialog setting) and is now read by Max 2016 as the mode of render when you press the new big "Render Button". In other words, though the "Target" setting is set to "Production Render Mode", max still submits your render to the network as if the "Target" option was "Submit to Network Rendering...". Assuming you do not want to network render, there is currently no way to "reset" this flag back to a local render. The work around is to change the render "Target" to some other option and then back to "Production Rendering Mode". This forces the embedded render profile to be reset.