Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New DAS Maxscripts Available!

There are several new maxscripts at the DAS web site. Check 'em out!. These include a new version of the "Time Bandit" script for quick and precise control of the max Time Slider. This new version allows you to save preset time ranges and recall them at any time later. They are saved with the max scene. A great feature suggested by my colleague Jason Brummett.

Also you'll find a unique MaxScript called "Bisector" written as a request from Derek Townshend, a Max user on scriptspot. Bisector is a custom, scripted controller embedded in the Max LookAt Constraint that forces a source object to always split the angle between 2 look at targets. The default LookAt Constraint actually doesn't do this, but rather forces the source node to look at the "midpoint" between the 2 targets. As Derek pointed out to me, that midpoint changes when the 2 targets are different distances from the source. Take a look at the sample below to see the difference:

An interesting MaxScript challenge and functionality that should really be part of the LookAt Constraint to begin with.

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