Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vray 3.0 Licensing

Chaos Group has caused a bit of a stir over the last few months with the announcement that Vray users will now have to pay a fee for render nodes with official release of ver. 3.0.
The licensing policy can be found here: Vray 3.0 licensing
There is of course a lot of chatter on the forums with comparisons to the downfall of the Brazil render engine and an interesting note that this was similar to old Mental Ray before it was fully integrated into the Max core package. Hadn't really thought of that one. I don't think this policy will have a big impact on the larger production houses that already have a commitment to a Vray pipeline, but could affect some of the decisions made by smaller firms and enthusiasts. In addition, many users may stick with their Vray 2 licenses for a little (or a lot) longer to avoid the additional costs of rendering with 3.0. Vray 3.0 is still in beta, but that should be ending very soon.

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